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The course hero study guides are created by professional writers and educators, and aim to help students to master their classes efficiently. It contains very comprehensive content like infographics, chapter summary, plot diagrams and so on. It also works as a whole study package that bridges other crowdsourced content on the website. The product with literature and will expand to other subjects in the future.


Discoverability: Help easy discovery of proprietary content and crowdsourced content. Extensibility: Can apply to other subjects in the future. Scalability: Can maintain its structural and design integrity when new information or sections added.

My Role

I led this project from the design perspective.I worked in a cross-functional team with PM, business analyst, content specialist, SEO specialist, developers, visual designers, and vendors. I conducted user research, drove the end-to-end user experience and defined visual direction. I was also in charge of the front-end development of the whole project.

Literature Study Guide Landing Page

Users are able to find books by browsing, searching, book title or author name.

Overview Page

Display basic information of this book.

Infographic Page

Help users to learn their favorite books visually and vividly.

Character Page

Include a table of all characters, in-depth analysis of main characters, and a character map to explain character relationships.

Chapter Summaries Page

A timeline indicates major events with links to that particular chapter.

Citation Tool

Allow users to cite course hero content for their essays in different formats.


Display related documents that are uploaded by users.

Questions & Answers

Display related questions & answers that are generated by students and tutors.


Display related flashcards that are created by users.

Discussion Board

Add comments for each section of the study guide to get user interpretation of the content.

Infographic Landing Page

Allow users to view all infographics in one place and share them on social medias. View the page