Skip the waitlist flow


ipsy is the world's largest online beauty community and makeup subscription delivery service company. The STW(skip the waitlist) flow is an extremely important growth feature for ipsy. It drives a significant amount of new subscriptions on a monthly basis, and it also helps the company grow their social following, as well as that of the stylists. This design is for mobile website.


The current flow is very task-oriented and doesn't include a strong ipsy value proposition to drive customers to complete the flow, or to share ipsy with their friends. It's not clear why customers should skip the waitlist, follow ipsy in social channels, or share ipsy with their friends. How to make the flow be more of a win-win for ipsy and our customers is the biggest challenge.

My role

This is an individual project, and the design time is 1 week.

Task Analysis

Define user needs and business metrics.

User Needs

Get the first bag as soon as possible.
Get bonus items for their glam bags.

Business Metrics

Drive subscriptions through social sharing.
Drive social following of ipsy and stylists.

Design Goals

A seamless experience on mobile website for users to skip the waitlist.

Usability Testing

Conduct usability tests on 5 users, and get insights on areas need to be improved.

User Flow Ideation

Take insights from usability testing and ideate how to optimize the flow.

Key improvements

  • Separate the waitlist education and step one to help users better understand the benefits of skipping waitlist.
  • Simplify the STW process to only one important step so it won't overwhelm users.
  • Provide more flexibility that users can still gain points in other ways even they refuses to share ipsy on social media in the very first step.