Mallery is a cloud-based photo management application. Users can upload photos, edit photos, edit meta info of photos and tag photos before publishing by using the application.


People are taking a lot of photos today by using different devices, so It’s difficult to sort through a large library of images. How to help people to discover and manage their photos quickly and easily is the biggest challenge of this task.

My Role

This is an individual project, and the design time is 1 week.

Video Demo

Mental Model

Group user interview notes into logical pillars. Analyze each pillar to identify problems, opportunity and product features.

Redroute Analysis

Consider both frequency and critical nature of every activity to prioritize user needs.

User Flow

Illustrate out how users can upload photos, manage photos and edit meta info of photos.


Visually communicate abstract concepts with users and quickly test different ideas.

High Fidelity Mockups

Apply grid structure, typography, color scheme, graphic elements and create mockups for various states.
Upload Photos

Photo empty state

Uploading photos

Upload error state

Reupload popup

Discover Photos

Grid view

Grid view select state

List view

Category view

Photo Edit

Enlarged view

Edit confirmation message


Album empty state

Discover albums