Titto is a mobile app that allows users to pay installments on their product purchases through its easy-to-use and flexible financing services. Instead of users paying a large cost upfront to buy a product, now they can pay smaller installments and get ownership of the product once all the installments have been paid.


The major challenge of design is finding the balance between offering easy and joyful financing service, and strict risk controls place on the process. As a fast-moving startup, we also need to release a good product on a tight schedule.

My role

I created wireframes and designed the user interface. Worked closely with stakeholders, users and marketing team to gather and refine requirements. Partnered with developers to produce intuitive experience and coherent visual identity.

Video Demo

User Journey

A visual interpretation of user story of their relationship with Titto.


These wireframes layout the components of key screens. They visually communicate with users and team members for feedback.


The onboarding tutorial help user to learn quickly what titto offers and how they can use the product.

Tutorial page 1

Tutorial page 2

Tutorial page 3

Tutorial page 4


Users can explore product by featured items, shop category, search bar and barcode scanner.


Shop Categories

Search Result

Product Details


Streamline ordering process to improve user flow. One-step checkout page for return users.

Shopping cart with items

Address form

Credit card form

Place Order

Order Management

Order page allows users to track order status, check the balance and pay off a bill.


Order Detail_Owning

Order Detail_Paid Off

Order Detail_Overdue

Verification Process

The verification process needs to tell users what she can and can’t buy based on Titto trust. Also, if she can’t get the item, she needs to know when and how she can get it.

Profile Page

Upload Identification

Upload Bank Statements

Lock Items

Settings & Share

More page hosts a variety of activities like account managements, billing history and referral.

More Page

Sign in/Sign up

Payment management