Trip Planner


A travel planning website that use itineraries created by real people to help users to plan their vacations easily in one place.It can suggest a detailed day-by-day plan of attractions based on your personal preferences which is completely customizable.


Planning a trip often involves time-consuming research consulting multiple websites, guidebooks and friends. The biggest challenge is to simplify the complex process but still offer a lot of powerful customizations.

My Role

I worked the end-to-end process from user interview and personas through to information architecture and interface design. Within the project, I also created a complete clickable prototype for user testing to iterate quickly on ideas and assumptions.

Video Demo


Generate user personas that represent the patterns observed in the interview.

User flow

Take user's goals analysis and map out how a user would move through content.

Card sort

Based on a card sort with 5 participants, create a taxonomy to lay out how content is grouped together.


Annotated wireframes explain any behaviors and rules for components on the page that are dynamic.

User Testing

Learning Objectives:

The purpose of this usability testing is to determine whether the trip planner website fulfills its intended users’ requirements, to evaluate if it is intuitive enough for people to easily create travel itinerary. During the test, trip planner users should be able to accomplish three main goals.
• Find where to start to plan a trip to a specific destination.
• Edit cities to visit and days to spend in each city.
• Generate a detailed itinerary.

Complete Clickable Prototype

Create a complete clickable prototype to test multiple workflows with 5 users.

Summary of Findings:

• Most users take a while to find the “ suggest a plan” button.
• Users feel confused about the recommended plan and want to know why trip planner suggests this plan.
• Users didn’t realize that they could edit the recommended plan later.
• Users prefer to use the “drag and drop” method to edit the itinerary like change cities’ order.
• Users feel confused about the route optimizer button, and suggest to change it to “the shortest route”.
• Users want to see multiple travel options between cities.
• Users want to learn more detailed information about the place of interests.
• Most users scroll down to see the itinerary in later days.
• Most users cannot figure out how to go back to “cities & dates”.

High Fidelity Prototype

Based on the findings from user testing, revise and develop the project to high fidelity prototype.


Set up preferences

Edit cities & dates

Plan geographically

Detailed itinerary

Explore places