YunInvest is a personal investing platform allowing People to allocate assets using customizable quantitative strategies. As an investor, you can customize, backtest, and auto-trade quantitative stock and futures strategies based on personal risk preference. As a developer, You can use the API to create, test, and share new strategies that can be purchased by investors.


Quantitative strategy is a concept common to hedge fund and mutual fund industries, but is difficult to understand for personal investors. The complex user flows to browse, customize, backtest, and auto-trade strategies require careful design.

My role

Together with the stakeholders, I've planned the scope of the application, the features and integrations. I mapped out the user flow of investors and created annotated wireframes to explain interactions. I have also designed the logo for the Website. The development of Yuninvest is still in progress.

User Flow

Map out a flow diagram for the invest strategy feature and look for opportunities for flow improvement.

Explore Strategy

Users can search and find strategy.

Strategy Overview

Users can check the details of a specific strategy and compare its performance with other strategies to decide if it worth investing in.

Customize Strategy

The custom page allows users to adjust the most important metrics and run backtest to see the performance.